„Itchy and the Girl Dancing“ review on Al DeLoner’s latest album

Mr. DeLoner’s fifth solo album is kind of a shining little star dancing through the wonderful melancholic world the artist has created for his latest child. Compared to „Flora in the Darkroom“ and even more to „Mountains on the Moon“ you feel a decisive difference. Album cover, title, lyrics, voices and choice of instruments – all indicating a new direction.Itchy is still full of melancholy, but the mode has changed. Our existence is, or at least should be, a constant war for and at the same time against beauty, sublimity, infinity – you know these kind of things that make you feel alive and kill you at the same time. Itchy is less a „killer“, more of a flight through overindulgence, freedom and harmony which becomes apparent in songs like „Louie and the cat“, „This is the Moment“ and „San Francisco“ in particular. The latter, being for me the very heart of the album, is unique the way it manages to drag you off your sixteen square meter room into the sky. The moment the saxophone transforms into a screaming seagull somehow reminded me of Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” video.

On the other hand, you’ve got „Peaches and Cream“, „Come Closer“ or „You shall Pray“ – songs on the general struggle between dreams and reality, dreams becoming reality and the other way around; songs on the very natural need to love and be loved.

Not to forget, the sweet voice of Rikke Knudsen completing various songs and by that underlining this masterpiece of variation. After all, who wonders that Al is not able to drive anymore ?!

Flora is still in her room, but she has allowed some vital sparks of light in…

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